Power Blend        Red/White

Happy Blend       Green/White

PM Blend             All Reds

Bright Blend        All   Whites

Blend Number Seven     All Greens

Strains OR BLENDS 1 kg $93.00 SPLIT 4 WAYS FREE

Bestblend Kratom Best Kratom Pain Power Blend

Our shipment is in customs we have no further information on when or if it will be released. Thank you for your patience.​ 10/30/2018

​A small quantity of  the VLNT GMD is available in 250g Singles at $40 each including priority mail shipping. ONLY 15 CENTS PER GRAM!

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5 oz. Blend Sampler: 1 oz of each of our Blends  Only $25.00



BestBlend Kratom

Green Vein

Maeng Da

Hulu Kapuas

Red Vein




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White Vein

 Maeng Da